STROBE LED RGB 1000W 5 Segments

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Color: 12 Segment Effects


Technical Characteristics of the 1000W 5 Segment RGB Led Strobe:

  • Uses: Full-Stage brand strobe lights are ideal for performing live performances with bands, DJs, events and ceremonies of all kinds, they are also used in theaters, television, professional video recording and much more.
  • Power: With its 1000W of power, and its 5050 three-color LED bulbs, the 1000W RGB Led Strobe lamp from the Full-Stage brand is much brighter and more powerful than other cheaper 1000W LED lamps and we show it to you in our video comparative.
  • Control mode: The 1000W RGB led strobe light lamp has control mode DMX512, control mode self propelled, voice control, RDM function and also allows you to set and edit the effects one by one.
  • Channels: The 1000 W RGB Strobe Led Lamp can be segmented into 5 groups of different colors, and supports a variety of channels.

Programmed Effects of the 1000 W RGB Led Strobe:

  • Up/down intensity modulation effect
  • Random Blink Effects
  • Lightning Effect: simulates instantly recognizable "dirty" flashes of lightning
  • Spike Effect: low intensity light output with high intensity flash.
  • Shading effects
  • Dyeing effects: causes the impression of a color change due to degradation or fading.
  • Segmented effect: This effect brings together the 5050 LED bulbs into 5 groups of lights creating a segmentation of different colors.

More Features of the 1000W 5 Segment RGB Led Strobe Lamp:

  • Working temperature: The Full-Stage RGB Led Strobe can work at extreme temperatures, ranging from -30 ℃ up to 50 ℃, making it an ideal tool to work in almost any country.
  • Its strobe frequency is 1~30HZ
  • Appearance: It has a robust and resistant appearance, because its armor is built of a resistant infinite black metal.
  • Connection method: It is designed with DMX512 inputs and outputs and power inputs and outputs.
  • IP Rating: Our RGB Led Strobe Lamp has an IP20 rating, which means that it should be used in indoor environments.
  • Size: Its dimensions are 54*32*20.5 cm each piece.
  • Weight: Its net weight (without packaging) is 7 kg and its gross weight (with packaging and accessories) is 9 kg.

Video Review of the 1000 W 5 Segment RGB Led Strobe Lamp:

The purchase of the 1000W 5-segment RGB Led Strobe includes:

1 x Strobe Light
1 x power cord.
1 x signal cable.
1 instruction manual.

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