Atomic 3000 LED Strobe Lamp. The Best STROBE LAMP OF 2023

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Size: 110V


style: 220V


Technical Features of the Strobe Atomic Led 3000:

  • Brand: Full-Stage
  • Our LED lamp is inspired by the Martin Atomic 3000 strobe model
  • Light source: 228x3W white LED (strobe) 64x 0.2w RGB LED (backlight) matrix.
  • Gross Weight (with standard packaging): 12Kg
  • Net Weight (without packaging): 11Kg
  • IP protection type: IP20 (Indoor)
  • Minimum LED life: 50,000 hours
  • Resolution: 8 bits per color plus 8-bit dimming
  • Control system: DMX
  • DMX channels: 3/4/14 channels
  • Configuration: control panel with backlit monochrome display

Advantages over other Strobe-type Led Lamps:

  • The Strobe Led 3000 Lamp is inspired by the Martin Atomic 3000 Led;
  • The Strobe Led 3000 has two sets of LEDs:
    to. Beam: is a high intensity array for powerful strobe and dazzling effects;
    b. Aura produces an RGB effect that illuminates the front of the device to complement or contrast with the Beam output.
  • Strobe Effect: 3000 LEDs provide a beam strobe effect with variable flash speed, flash duration and strength.

Programmed Effects of the Atomic 3000 Led Strobe

  • Up/down intensity modulation effect
  • Random flashes
  • Lightning: simulates instantly recognizable "dirty" flashes of lightning
  • Peaking: Low intensity light output with high intensity flash.
  • shadow effect

Other Effects that You Can Configure on the Strobe Atomic Led 3000

For a continuous shading effect, set the flash duration to a longer value of ~6?7?6?7 and set the flash frequency to a higher frequency, this value will cause the flashes to "overlap" and merge into a continuous light output.

More Features of the Atomic 3000 Full-Stage Led Strobe Lamp

  • Aura color: RGB.
  • Extended DMX mode to control the halo. You can use separate RGB controls and you can also control the overall strength of the aura.
  • Four different dimming curve options are available in the luminaire control menu for Beam and Halo Dimming Curve.
  • The visual effects of the 3000 LED strobe lamp are ideal for providing a distinctive and eye-catching touch on stages, concerts, theaters, nightclubs and much more.

Video Review of the Strobe Led 3000 Lamp:

The purchase of the Strobe Led 3000 includes:

  • 1 Strobe Led 3000 Lamp
  • 1 x power cord.
  • 1 x DMX cable.
  • 1 instruction manual.
  • 1 Standard carton packaging.
  • 4-in-1 flight case packaging is the option we most recommend for sea and air shipments.

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