▷COB Led Blinder 4B Indoor 400W Reflector

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Color: 3200K Warm White


Technical Characteristics of the Blinder 4B Indoor 400W COB Led Lamp:

  • Brand: Full-Stage
  • Model: COB Led Blinder 4B Indoor 400W
  • Voltage: AC90-260V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power: Its power is 400W. Our COB Reflector has four high-performance LED Bulbs of 100W each, totaling 400W.
  • Light source: Four 100W High Performance LED Bulbs

Advantages of the Blinder 4B Indoor 400W COB Led Lantern Compared to Other Cheaper Lamps:

  • Color: We have a wide range of colors and color combinations available in stock, prices vary depending on the combination that the customer wishes to purchase, Warm White, Cold White, Warm and Cold White 2 in 1, RGB 3 in 1, RGBW 4 in 1, RGBWA 5 in 1, RGBWA + UV 6 in 1.
  • Beam angle: The light beam has a 35-degree angle, giving you complete and well-directed illumination.
  • Mode: The modes available on this model are the modes  DMX512, it is possible to use voice control, self-propelled mode, manual control, and master-slave mode.
  • Strobe light: is capable of flashing 1 to 20 times per second
  • Electronic dimming : The 200W COB Led Indoor is capable of going from 0 to 100% dimming, facilitating fading effects.

More Features of the COB Led Blinder 4B Indoor 400W Reflector:

  • Compact Size : 30*30*40 cm (1 set/piece)
  • Lighter: Its net weight is 9kg, and its weight with packaging (cardboard) and other accessories is 11Kg.
  • Appearance: Its rear external shell is designed in a resistant midnight black metallic alloy, providing a robust appearance with high-end finishes.

Uses of the COB Led Blinder 4B Indoor 400W Reflector:

COB type lamps are generally used on stages as part of the professional lighting set, sometimes this type of COB Reflector is used to provide luminosity to the area where the audience is located, it is common to use this type of COB Led luminaire to perform lighting effects to the rhythm of the music, increasing the aura and climax of the scene.

Other uses of the Blinder 4B Indoor 400W Led COB Professional Stage Luminaire:

The compact, light, modern and robust design of our COB Led Blinder 4B Indoor 400W Reflector allows for versatile use. Many of our clients have used this reflector in nightclubs, bars, stages, television studios, video studios, film scenes. movies, private events, conferences, massive events, live concerts with bands, massive concerts with DJs among other uses. As you can see, the use of our professional lighting equipment is very versatile thanks to its high quality and high performance as well.

Review of the COB Led Blinder 4B Indoor 400W Professional Reflector:

In this video review we are going to disassemble our COB Led Luminaire for you, where you will observe each of its pieces in detail, and the high quality, resistance and durability of our professional lighting equipment.

The purchase of the COB Led Blinder 4B Indoor 400W Reflector:

  • 1x COB Led Indoor Reflector
  • 1x power cord.
  • 1x 1m signal cable
  • 1x instruction manual.

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