Reflector Blinder COB Led 4+ Outdoor 400W

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Color: 3200K Warm White


Powerful and Robust Outdoor Lighting: Blinder COB LED 4+ Reflector

Experience stunning lighting at your outdoor events with our Blinder COB LED 4+ Reflector. Discover how this powerful 400W equipment increases the visual quality of your nighttime productions.

COB Technology for Intense and Uniform Lighting

Equipped with the latest COB LED technology, this floodlight offers intense, uniform light that covers large areas. Achieve stunning visuals with vibrant colors and sharp details.

Robust Design for Outdoor Demands

Built to withstand the rigors of the outdoor environment, the Full-Stage Blinder COB LED 4+ Reflector features a robust, weather-resistant structure. Take lighting to new heights without compromising durability.

Lighting Flexibility with Four Independent COB Sources

Each COB unit of this reflector is independent, allowing unique flexibility in creating lighting patterns and effects. Personalize your viewing experience and create captivating environments.

Full Control with DMX Options and Standalone Mode

From simple adjustments to complex sequences, this reflector offers complete control. With DMX connectivity options and a smart standalone mode, adapt the lighting to your needs with ease.

Simple Installation and Location Versatility

Designed for hassle-free installation, the Blinder COB LED 4+ Reflector is versatile in placement. From outdoor concerts to corporate events, this reflector suits a variety of applications.

Discover how Full-Stage's Blinder COB LED 4+ Reflector redefines outdoor lighting with its power, durability and versatility.

Buy now and Elevate your night events with a light that captivates and transforms!