T Piece for Truss F34

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What does the T Piece for Truss F34 consist of ?

The Full-Stage F34 Truss T-Piece is an essential accessory for connecting and joining sections of F34 truss. Its "T"-shaped design provides 3 connection points, which depending on the angle at which it is observed, can provide two horizontal connection points and one vertical connection point, generating the shape of a T. This Truss accessory provides stability and strength, ensuring a secure connection between truss elements.

How is the T-Piece for F34 Full-Stage Truss assembled?

Assembly of the T-Piece for F34 Full-Stage Truss is simple. With its quick and secure connections, simply align the F34 truss sections, insert the T-Piece into the corresponding sections and secure using the Couples, Pins and Type R Buckles. The ease of assembly allows for efficient setup in various environments.

Is the F34 Full-Stage Truss T-Piece compatible with other truss systems?

Absolutely! The Full-Stage F34 Truss T-Piece has been designed to be compatible with various standard F34 truss systems on the market, such as Cosmic Truss, Global Truss, Fenix ​​Stage, among others. This versatility allows for seamless integration into existing configurations and the ability to combine with third-party items that meet F34 specifications.

Options for using the T Piece for Truss F34:

The versatility of the Full-Stage F34 Truss T-Piece opens up a range of possibilities for your application. From building three-dimensional structures to stage setups and exhibition stands, this truss connection accessory plays a vital role. Furthermore, its function as a reinforcement pillar is essential in situations where F34 truss extensions exceed 10 meters, making it a key piece within the family of truss accessories. Its modular design provides flexibility for creating personalized designs adapted to various needs.

Other uses given to the T Piece for Truss F34:

In addition to its primary application in truss systems, the F34 Truss T-Piece is commonly used in a variety of environments and events. Here is a longer list of places and uses for this versatile accessory:

  • Live events and concerts.
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • Presentations and corporate events.
  • Temporary setups for festivals.
  • Theatrical sets and audiovisual productions.
  • Installations in discos and nightclubs.
  • Exhibition stands and trade fairs.
  • Creative configurations at artistic events.
  • Sporting events and competitions.
  • Setups for ceremonies and special celebrations.

The T-Piece for Truss F34 stands out for its adaptability and resistance, offering efficient solutions in a wide range of contexts.

Are there international shipping options for the F34 Truss T-Piece?

Of course! At Full-Stage, we understand the importance of global accessibility, which is why we offer international shipping options directly to your location. We strive to make the process as easy and convenient as possible for our customers. Your satisfaction is our priority!

The purchase of the T-Piece for F34 Full-Stage Truss includes everything necessary for a safe and robust connection:

  • The F34 Truss T-Piece: Essential accessory for joining truss sections in a stable and safe way.
  • 8 Conical Couples: Key elements to ensure the connection between truss sections.
  • 16 Pins or Pins: They guarantee a firm and resistant assembly.
  • 16 R-type Buckles: Provide additional adjustment for a solid and reliable structure.

Build your dream stage with the Full-Stage F34 Truss T-Piece! Ensure the stability and resistance of your events. Click now and take your production to the next level!