Four Point T Piece for F34 Truss ✓

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What characterizes the Full-Stage F34 Four-Point Truss T-Piece?

The F34 Four Point T-Piece for Truss is a fundamental accessory for the Assembly of Truss Structures, featuring a "T" shaped configuration that offers a solid connection through 4 key points. Manufactured with the resistant National Standard Aviation Aluminum 6082-T6 material, it guarantees robustness and durability in every application.

How is the Four Point T Piece for Full-Stage F34 Truss assembled?

Assembly of the Full-Stage F34 Truss Four-Point T-Piece is an efficient and simple process. Thanks to its quick connections, align the F34 truss sections, insert the T Piece into the corresponding sections and secure using the Couples, Pins and Type R Buckles. This ease of assembly allows for agile and safe configuration in various environments.

Ways to use the Four Point T Piece for F34 Truss:

The Full-Stage F34 Four-Point Truss T-Piece offers a wide range of applications and configurations. In addition to its essential role in the construction of truss ceilings for stages, this piece stands out as a fundamental component in the creation of auxiliary columns. Its versatility extends to being a reinforcing pillar, especially in situations where F34 truss extensions exceed 10 meters. This essential accessory, with its modular design, provides flexibility to create custom configurations in various environments and events, allowing you to get the most out of your setups.

Discover how the Four Point T-Piece for Truss F34 expands its possibilities in various events and scenarios:

  1. Unforgettable Weddings: Integrate the T Piece into truss structures to create elegant wedding setups, providing a distinctive touch and ensuring the stability of the decoration.

  2. Live Concerts: Use this truss accessory to mount lighting and sound systems at concerts, ensuring a secure connection that withstands the intensity of live events.

  3. Fairs and Exhibitions: Create impressive and eye-catching stands at fairs and exhibitions by incorporating the T Piece for Truss F34, achieving robust structures that attract attention.

  4. Theaters and Television Sets: Provides solidity to theatrical and television scenography with the T Piece, allowing creative and functional configurations.

  5. Stage Lighting Assembly: Fundamental in stage lighting design, the Four Point T-Piece ensures the firmness of the truss elements that support lighting equipment to achieve striking visual effects.

Explore all the possibilities offered by the Four Point T-Piece for F34 Truss and take your events to the next level with Full-Stage.

Is international shipping available?

Absolutely! At Full-Stage, we understand the importance of getting our products to any part of the world. Therefore, we offer international shipping options for the F34 Four Point Truss T-Piece, bringing the versatility and quality of our truss accessories directly to your location. Simply place your order, and we will ensure that the T-Piece arrives at the door of your home or warehouse, providing you with a hassle-free purchasing experience. With Full-Stage, your event or global project is at your fingertips. Click and bring innovation to any corner of the planet!

Everything you get when you purchase the Full-Stage F34 Four-Point Truss T-Piece:

  • The Four Point T-Piece for F34 Truss
  • 12 Conical Couples
  • 24 pins or pins
  • 24 Type R Buckles

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