➣90W SPOT Mini Lamp

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Technical Characteristics of the 90W SPOT Mini Lamp:

  • Brand: FULL-STAGE
  • Voltage: 110V-220V
  • Power: 90W
  • Channel: 15CH
  • Lamp beads brand: Tianxin
  • Pan/tilt: 540/270
  • Prism: 3 prisms
  • Color wheel: 7+blank
  • Fixed gobo wheel: 8+blank
  • Rotating gobo wheel: 6+blank
  • Control mode: DMX/voice control/self-propelled

      Let's talk about the colors of the SPOT Mini 90W Full-Stage:

      It has 7 colors plus white (8 colors in total), and comes equipped with 9 fixed effects and 7 rotating effects

        Uses of the SPOT Mini 90W Full-stage Reflector:

        Beam Reflectors are generally used on stages as part of the professional lighting set. Sometimes this type of Beam Reflector is used to enrich the visual effects in the central part of the stage. It is common to use this type of Beam luminaire to create effects. lighting to the rhythm of the music, increasing the aura and climax of the Performance.

        Other uses of the SPOT Mini 90W Full-stage Luminaire:

        The compact, light, modern and robust design of our 90W SPOT Mini Reflector allows for versatile use. Many of our customers have used this reflector in nightclubs, bars, stages, television studios, video studios, movie scenes, private events, conferences, massive events, live concerts with bands, massive concerts with DJs among other uses. As you can see, the use of our professional lighting equipment is very versatile thanks to its high quality and high performance as well.

        Review of the 200W SPOT Lamp - BEAM & WASH 3 in 1

        The purchase of the 200W SPOT - BEAM & WASH 3 in 1 Lamp:

        • 1 moving head light
        • 1 power cord
        • 1 x signal cable
        • 2 x light hook
        • 1 x instruction manual
        • Shipping cost to Venezuela is included

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