Led Par Lamp 54 x 3W

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Technical Parameters of the 54x3W LED Par Lamp:

  • Brand: Full-Stage
  • Voltage: AC90-260V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power: 150W
  • Light source: 54pcs 3W single color LED lamp beads.
  • Color: RGBW monochrome
  • Beam angle: 25 degrees/45 degrees optional
  • Mode: DMX512/voice control/self-propelled/manual control/master-slave mode
  • Channel: 4/8 DMX channel optional
  • Strobe: 1-20 times/second
  • Electronic dimming: 0-100%
  • Packing size: 28*28*40cm (1 set/piece)
  • Package net weight: 4.5kg

- You can select 3 different back parts (standard rear is type B, if you need type A or C, please contact us in time)

Advantages of the 54x3w Full-Stage LED Par Light compared to others:

  • Superior lighting power: The Full-Stage 54 x 3W LED Par Lamp offers a total power of 150W, which guarantees intense and bright lighting to highlight your events and performances. Its greater light output places it above many other LED Par lamps on the market.

  • Wide variety of colors: With the option of RGB or RGBW colors, the Full-Stage 54 x 3W LED Par Light allows you to create a wide range of lighting effects. You can adjust the colors based on the atmosphere and style of your event, giving you greater creative flexibility.

  • Versatile beam angle: The Full-Stage 54 x 3W LED Par Lamp provides a suitable beam angle to cover a large area of ​​the stage or the space where the event is held. Its versatile angle allows you to adapt the lighting according to your specific needs, achieving uniform coverage and striking visual effects.

  • Precise control and programming: The Full-Stage 54 x 3W LED Par Light is equipped with advanced control functions, such as DMX512 mode, which allows you to have precise control over the lighting. You can schedule and synchronize lighting with other elements of the show to create impressive, coordinated visual effects.

  • Durable and reliable construction: The Full-Stage 54 x 3W LED Par lights are manufactured with high quality materials, which guarantees their durability and resistance under conditions of frequent use. You can rely on its reliable performance and ability to meet the demands of your events and presentations.

The Full-Stage 54 x 3W LED Par Lamp stands out for its light power, color versatility, adjustable beam angle, precise control and reliable construction. These advantages make it an excellent option for those looking for a high-performance, superior quality LED Par lamp on the market.

Different ways of using the 54 x 3w LED Par Reflector:

The Full-Stage 54 x 3W LED Par Lamp offers a wide range of uses and applications in various environments. Here are different ways to take advantage of this versatile Par LED luminaire:

  • Stage lighting: Use the 54 x 3W LED Par Lamp to highlight acts, artists and key elements in theatrical presentations, concerts or live events. Its light power and the possibility of creating vivid color effects make it an ideal option for lighting stages.

  • Architectural lighting: Use the 54 x 3W LED Par Lamp to highlight architectural details, structures or building facades. Its wide variety of colors and versatile beam angle allow you to create striking lighting effects to enhance the visual appeal of any environment.

  • Social events and parties: Add a special touch to weddings, theme parties, corporate events and other social events using the 54 x 3W LED Par Lamp. Create a festive atmosphere with colorful and dynamic lighting that fits the style and theme of the event.

  • Studio and photography lighting: The 54 x 3W LED Par Lamp can be used as a light source in photography and video recording studios. With precise controllability and high-quality color reproduction, you can achieve perfect lighting and capture stunning images.

  • Commercial environments and stores: Use the 54 x 3W LED Par Lamp to highlight products, displays or specific areas in stores, art galleries or commercial spaces. Play with lighting to create an attractive and pleasant environment that attracts customers' attention and highlights the products.

  • Club and disco lighting: The 54 x 3W LED Par Lamp is perfect for creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere in nightclubs and discos. Create dynamic, changing lighting effects synchronized with music to intensify the attendee experience.

The purchase of the wonderful 54 x 3w Led Par Light includes:

1 x par light.

1 x 1m signal cable

1 x instruction manual.

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