Bee Eye LED Lamp RGBW 19x20W 450W

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Video Review of the Bee Eye RGBW 19x20W 450W LED Lamp

Illuminate your Space with the Bee Eye RGBW 19x20W 450W LED Lamp from Full-Stage

Discover the versatility and power of our Bee Eye RGBW LED Lamp, designed to elevate the lighting experience at your events. With a power of 450W and cutting-edge technology, this lamp is the perfect choice to create captivating environments. Here we tell you everything you need to know:

What makes the Full-Stage Bee Eye RGBW 19x20W 450W LED Lamp unique?

With 19 15W OSRAM LED lights in a Four-in-One configuration, this lamp stands out for its ability to generate a wide range of colors and effects, providing impressive lighting at any event.

How is the Bee Eye RGBW 19x20W 450W LED Lamp controlled?

The lamp offers multiple control modes, including DMX512, sound control, automatic mode and manual control, giving you flexibility to adapt the lighting to different situations.

What is the range of the lens angle and how does it affect the lighting?

With an adjustable lens angle of 4-60 degrees, you can customize light dispersion, adapting it to different spaces and creating specific effects to highlight key elements.

Is the Bee Eye RGBW LED Lamp suitable for outdoor use?

This lamp has an IP20 water resistance rating, making it ideal for indoor events. It is recommended to avoid direct exposure to adverse weather conditions.

How many control channels does the lamp offer and what do they mean?

With 23/21/78/97 DMX channels, you can have precise control over lighting intensity, color and effects, allowing you to personalize every detail of the viewing experience.

How does flicker frequency affect lighting?

The adjustable flashing frequency of 1-20 times per second contributes to the creation of unique visual effects, adding dynamism and personality to your lighting.

What is the electronic dimming range and why is it important?

With electronic dimming from 0-100%, you can control the intensity of the light, adapting it to different moments of the event and saving energy when necessary.

How is it packaged and what are the dimensions of the lamp?

The lamp is presented in a cardboard box, with compact dimensions of 48x34x47cm, making it easy to transport and store.

Experience the power of professional lighting with the Bee Eye RGBW 19x20W 450W LED Lamp from Full-Stage. Add it to your cart and make your events shine with their own light!