250W 6-in-1 RGB Mobile Laser Lamp ✓

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Technical Parameters of the 250W Full-Stage 6-in-1 RGB Mobile Laser Lamp:

  • Rated voltage: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Rated power: 250W
  • Laser source: semiconductor pump laser
  • Laser modulation: TTL
  • Y axis rotation: 240 degrees
  • Number of channels: 11/26/38 Channels
  • Control mode: Sound, Automatic, Master-Slave, DMX512
  • Lifespan: ≥10,000 hours
  • Product dimensions: 87X25X9cm
  • Net weight: 10.6kg
  • Outlet bubble weight: 18kg
  • Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
  • Packing: Standard Carton Packing (Flight Case is optional with extra cost)

Laser: 500mW laser head and 1W laser head have different optional powers and different prices (1W model laser head will be equipped with extra cooling fan, 500mW laser head will not)

Fantastic effects that you can program with the 250W Full-Stage 6-in-1 RGB Mobile Laser Luminaire:

With the Full-Stage 250W Moving head Laser RGB 6-in-1 Luminaire, you can create a wide range of creative effects, such as:

  1. Skynet Laser Beam Effect: Projects beams of laser light in different directions, creating a dynamic and immersive effect.

  2. Aerodynamic Laser Effect: Generates fluid and soft patterns and shapes, simulating natural and organic movements.

  3. Laser Strobe Effect: Creates fast, pulsating bursts of light, perfect for high-energy and dynamic moments in the show.

  4. LED Beam Sensation: Combines the power of laser with LED lighting, creating multidimensional and eye-catching lighting effects.

  5. Water Strobe Light: Simulates the effect of moving water drops, projecting light patterns that resemble water ripples.

These creative effects allow you to transform any event, show or presentation into a visually striking and captivating experience.

Uses that you can give to the 250W 6-in-1 RGB Mobile Laser Lamp:

The Full-Stage 250W 6-in-1 RGB Moving Laser Lamp offers a wide variety of uses in different environments and events. Some of the popular apps include:

  1. Live Events: Add a special touch to concerts, festivals, live performances and parties, creating stunning and dynamic laser lighting effects.

  2. Discos and clubs: Create a vibrant and exciting atmosphere on dance floors, highlighting the rhythm of the music with high-powered laser effects and eye-catching colors.

  3. Bars and Restaurants: Add a unique visual element to bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, attracting customers' attention and enhancing the overall experience.

  4. Corporate Events: Highlight presentations, conferences and product launches with striking laser effects that will capture the audience's attention and enhance the professional atmosphere.

  5. Weddings and celebrations: Create a magical and romantic atmosphere at weddings, anniversaries and other special events, illuminating the space with personalized and elegant laser projections.

  6. DJ or EDM Concerts: Provides an intense and energetic visual experience at electronic music concerts, highlighting the music with fascinating laser effects in sync with the beat.

  7. Demonstrations and Exhibitions: Capture viewers' attention at demonstrations and trade shows, adding an eye-catching, professional visual element that highlights the products or services presented.

  8. Fairs and Festivals: Create a festive and attractive atmosphere at fairs, festivals and events, attracting attendees with impressive laser effects that can be enjoyed both day and night.

  9. Theme Parks and Tourist Attractions: Enhance the visitor experience at theme parks, tourist attractions and entertainment venues by providing memorable and exciting laser shows.

Advantages of the 250w Full-Stage RGB 6-in-1 Mobile Laser Light:

The 250W Full-Stage 6-in-1 RGB Moving Laser Light offers a number of distinctive advantages compared to other similar products on the market:

1. Power and versatility: With a power of 250W and a combination of 6 colors in 1 lamp, this laser lamp offers a wide range of lighting options and creative effects, allowing greater flexibility in the design of shows and events.

2. High-quality laser effects: Thanks to its precision stepper motor scanning system, this lamp produces high-quality laser effects, such as laser beams, aerodynamic and strobe effects, providing a stunning and captivating visual experience.

3. Versatile Control Modes: With support for control modes such as sound, auto, master-slave and DMX512, this lamp adapts to different needs and environments, providing flexible control options for artists and lighting technicians.

4. Durability and reliability: With a lifespan of 10,000 hours and a robust design, this lamp is built to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions. Its high-quality housing and heat dissipation system ensure stable and long-lasting performance.

5. Aesthetic Appeal: With its compact and modern design, this lamp adds an appealing aesthetic touch to any setting or space. Its laser lighting creates an immersive and captivating atmosphere, elevating viewers' visual experience.

These advantages highlight the quality, versatility and superior performance of the 250W 6-in-1 RGB Moving Laser Lamp, making it a preferred choice for lighting and event professionals seeking impressive, high-quality results.

Differentiate yourself from the competition and take your setups to other dimensions with the 250W 6-in-1 RGB Moving Laser Lamp:

Discover how this incredible laser lamp can elevate your setups and events to unmatched levels. Become the center of attention and stand out from the competition with its amazing features and effects.

With the 250W 6-in-1 RGB Moving Laser Lamp, you can create a stunning visual spectacle that will captivate your audience. Its high-quality laser effects, combined with its power and versatility, will allow you to offer unique and memorable experiences. Whether you are organizing DJ or EDM concerts, demonstrations and exhibitions, fairs or theme parks, this laser lamp will be your ally to attract and keep the attention of spectators. Its ability to generate dynamic effects, added to its versatile control modes, will give you the freedom to create an immersive and personalized environment.

Stand out from the rest and be recognized for your innovative and impressive montages. The 250W 6-in-1 RGB Moving Laser Lamp gives you a competitive advantage by offering high-quality visual effects, durability and reliability. Don't settle for the ordinary, take your events to the next level and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Turn your stage into a fascinating light show and enter a world of creative possibilities with the 250W 6-in-1 RGB Moving Laser Lamp. Make your brand and your events remembered as unique and extraordinary experiences.

The purchase of the 250W 6-in-1 RGB Mobile Laser Lamp includes:

  • 1 x 6 Eyes Laser Moving Head Light
  • 1 x power cord.
  • 1 x signal cable.
  • 2 x light hooks
  • 1 x instruction manual.

Take your events to the next level with the 250W 6-in-1 RGB Moving Laser Lamp!

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