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Technical Characteristics of the 60W RGB Full-Stage EDM Laser Lamp

  • Power: 60W
  • Scanning mirror: High precision motor
  • Dimensions: 690* 240* 200mm
  • Light Source System: Solid State Transistor Laser
  • Frequency: AC110-240V 50/60Hz
  • Operating Mode: Voice Control, Self-propelled, DMX512, Master-Slave Control
  • Light colors: Red (300mW, 650nm), Green (100mW, 532nm), Blue (500mW, 450nm)
  • Applicable place: Concerts, bars, karaoke, nightclubs and other entertainment venues

Dazzling effects you can create with the 60W RGB EDM Laser Lamp:

- Laser Beam Effect: Create bright, sharp laser beams that cut through space, adding a dynamic and exciting element to your shows.

- Scanning effect: Projects moving patterns and shapes that move across the dance floor and create an immersive atmosphere.

- Light tunnel effect: Generates a three-dimensional light tunnel with vibrant colors that surrounds the audience and immerses them in an immersive experience.

- Strobe Lighting Effect: Add visual impact with quick bursts of flashing light that sync with music and create an energetic atmosphere.

- Rhythm sync effect: The laser lamp can react to the sound and rhythm of music, creating a light show in perfect harmony with the melody.

More effects that you can create by combining the 60W RGB EDM Laser Lamp with other full-stage lamps:

By combining the 60W RGB EDM Laser Lamp with other Full-Stage lamps, you can create endless varieties of stunning visual effects. Some options include:

- Color Sync Effect: Synchronize the colors of the laser lamp with the main stage lights to create a stunning coordinated lighting effect.

- Gobo projection effect: Combines the gobo projection of the Full-Stage lamps with the laser beams of the EDM laser lamp to create dynamic patterns and textures on the stage.

- Ambient lighting effect: Use the laser lamp as an accent or complement to the main lights to add a captivating and immersive ambiance to the atmosphere of the venue.

- Interactive lighting effect: Use the Full-Stage lamps and the laser lamp to create an interactive experience with the audience, synchronizing the light effects with the music and the viewer's actions.

- Three-dimensional lighting effect: Use the combination of Full-Stage lamps and the laser lamp to create an impressive three-dimensional effect, where laser beams and lights intertwine and move in space in a synchronized manner.

These are just some ideas of the incredible effects you can achieve by combining the 60W RGB EDM Laser Lamp with other Full-Stage lamps. Creativity is unlimited, and you can design unique and spectacular setups for your events and shows.

Uses of the Wonderful 65w Full-Stage EDM Laser Luminaire:

The wonderful 65W Full-Stage EDM laser fixture has a wide range of uses in various events and venues. Some popular apps include:

1. Discos and nightclubs: The laser luminaire creates a vibrant and energetic atmosphere on dance floors, highlighting the rhythm of the music with stunning laser light effects.

2. C oncerts and festivals: Adds a stunning visual element to stages at concerts and festivals, creating dynamic and captivating effects that complement live music.

3. Corporate events and product launches: The laser luminaire provides a striking and eye-catching visual presentation for corporate events and product launches, capturing the public's attention and generating a sophisticated atmosphere.

4. Theatrical shows and stage productions: Add spectacular visual effects to theatrical productions and live shows, enhancing the narrative and creating immersive atmospheres.

5. Exhibitions and museums: Use the laser luminaire to highlight exhibits and works of art in exhibitions and museums, creating an immersive and memorable experience for visitors.

6. Weddings and social events: Create a magical and romantic atmosphere at weddings and social events, using the laser luminaire to illuminate the space with charming patterns and colors.

These are just some of the most common uses of the wonderful 65W Full-Stage EDM laser fixture. Its versatility and impressive effects make it an ideal choice for events and venues looking to stand out and create impactful visual experiences.

Video review of the EDM 65w Full-Stage Laser Focus:

The purchase of the Full-Stage 65W Laser EDM Includes:

  • 1 x 65W EDM Laser Light
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x instruction manual

Elevate your events to the next level with the 65W Full-Stage EDM laser fixture!

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