➣Beam Led RGBWA UV Lamp 120W RJ45

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Technical Characteristics of the Beam Led RGBWA UV 100W RJ45 Lamp:

  • Brand: FULL-STAGE
  • Model: Beam Led RGBWA UV 100W RJ45
  • Voltage: 90V-240V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power: This lamp has 250W of power
  • Operating temperature: from -10°C to 45°C.

Advantages of the Beam Led RGBWA UV 100W RJ45 Lantern:

  • Light source: It has 5 pieces of 50 W, Taiwan JENBO 4. You will not fail to be impressed by the great brightness of this excellent reflector. Especially if you are working on a tight budget and still want to get professional lighting equipment at a fairly affordable price.
  • Color: This version of the BEAM 120W Lamp comes equipped with light type RGBWA + UV which can be quite useful if you want to raise the quality of your performances.
  • Number of channels: another point in favor of this Luminaire is the large number of channels that it houses, working with 12 channels.
  • The size of the chassis is a little larger than the normal version, and this becomes an extraordinary advantage, as it helps in  heat dissipation and this in turn allows for better lamp performance.
  • At Full-Stage we consider this lamp an alternative with a high value proposition, because we can provide the client with high-end professional lighting equipment at a fairly affordable price.

Let's talk about the Effects that the Beam Led RGBWA UV 100W RJ45 Lamp gives us

  • Lens disk rotation effect
  • Minimal speckle matrix effect
  • fast strobe
  • color macro function
  • Macro effects function

More Features of the Beam Led RGBWA UV 120W RJ45 Reflector

  • Mode: DMX512/voice control/self-propelled/manual control/master-slave mode can be used
  • IP protection degree: This reflector has IP20 protection degree (Indoor) and should be used in covered environments, protecting it from weather conditions.
  • It has a switching power supply with 120W input power and a power factor PF≥0.95

  • Useful life time: >100,000 hours of use. This is another mega feature of our products, high durability.

  • Electronic dimming: Offers the possibility of dimming from 0 to 100%, creating fading and light tinting effects.

  • Carton size: 34cm x 28cm x 26cm (1 set/piece)
  • Weight: The net weight of this luminaire is 7.5kg, and the gross weight (with all its accessories and packaging) is 9.5Kg.
  • Menu screen: LCD screen; Chinese and English languages ​​can be switched at will, and the font can be displayed in reverse 180°
  • Color wheel: 7 colors + white light
  • Fixed gobo wheel: 9 gobos + white light
  • Prism: 8 prisms
  • Lens angle: 8 degrees
  • X axis angle: 540 degrees
  • Y axis angle: 180 degrees

Uses of the Beam Led RGBWA UV 120W RJ45 Reflector:

Beam Reflectors are generally used on stages as part of the professional lighting set. Sometimes this type of Beam Reflector is used to enrich the visual effects in the central part of the stage. It is common to use this type of Beam luminaire to create effects. lighting to the rhythm of the music, increasing the aura and climax of the Performance.

Other uses of the BEAM 120W RGBWA UV RJ45 Professional Stage Luminaire:

The compact, light, modern and robust design of our Beam Led RGBWA UV 100W RJ45 Reflector allows for versatile use. Many of our clients have used this reflector in nightclubs, bars, stages, television studios, video studios, film scenes. movies, private events, conferences, massive events, live concerts with bands, massive concerts with DJs among other uses. As you can see, the use of our professional lighting equipment is very versatile thanks to its high quality and high performance as well.

The purchase of the Beam Led RGBWA UV 120W RJ45 Lamp includes:

  • 1 x moving head light
  • 1 x necklace + hook
  • 1 x power cord.
  • 1 instruction manual.

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    1: The lamp itself does not contain signal lines, please explain in advance if necessary

    2: The signal input and output of the lamp can choose 3-core signal socket or network port, and the price is the same.

    3: The price of the white lamp is the same as that of the black lamp

    4: The lamp does not have an aperture RGB horse race effect, please note that this is an ordinary model

    5: If the products are transferred for export, the foam weight is calculated according to 6kg for one set and 27kg for 1 big carton.