N200V5A Power Supply for Led Screens

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Advantages of the Power Supply N200V5A for Led Screens:

  • Lighter and Ultra Thin: This Power Supply model N200V5A is made of high purity aluminum (Dhell), Its shell is 1mm thick. Its materials are more solid and with its new design it achieves better heat dissipation. This power supply (or Power Supply) is much thinner and lighter than previous models. It has a weight of only 0.57 kg (10% less than other models).
  • High Efficiency and Best Price/Quality Ratio: Our Power Source N200V5A has a power capacity of 82% while traditional power supplies have a capacity of only 76%. Which means that our Ultra Slim Power Supply has a performance of 6% above other power supplies.
  • Wide Working Temperature: The Ultra Thin Power Supply model N200V5A can comfortably work in extreme temperatures ranging from -30 °C up to 60 °C, while traditional power supplies only work between -20 °C and 50 °C
  • Versatility: This power supply is compatible with outdoor LED screens and indoor LED screens in models P6, P5, P4.81, P4, P3.91, P3, P2.76, P2.5, P2, P1.91, P1 and other models.

Technical Characteristics of the N200V5A Power Supply:

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