Flight Case Plastic ProPack 5 in 1

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What is a Flight Case Plastic ProPack 5 in 1?

A Flight Case Plastic ProPack 5 in 1 from Full-Stage is a case specially designed for the safe and efficient transport of LED screens. Made from heavy-duty plastic, this case offers robust impact protection and provides a safe environment for the LED displays inside. The "5 in 1" designation refers to its ability to store up to 5 LED screens, providing comfort and practicality when transporting and organizing equipment.

What are the dimensions of the Flight Case Plastic ProPack 5 in 1?

The Full-Stage 5-in-1 ProPack Plastic Flight Case features exterior dimensions of 1049 x 521 x 522 mm, weighing approximately 29.5 kg when empty. These measures have been carefully designed to provide an optimal balance between portability and protection, allowing the safe transport of up to 5 LED displays with ease.

Does the Full-Stage Flight Case Plastic ProPack 5 in 1 include any type of security lock?

Absolutely! This case is equipped with high security clasps made of steel, designed to provide a virtually airtight closure. We guarantee maximum protection for your LED screens during transport, giving you peace of mind with every move.

Why should you choose the Full-Stage 5-in-1 ProPack Plastic Flight Case?

Choosing our Flight Case Plastic ProPack 5 in 1 means opting for maximum protection and comfort for your LED screens. Made from high-strength plastic and specifically designed to absorb impacts, this case ensures the safety of your equipment during transport. Additionally, our high-security locks provide additional peace of mind by ensuring a virtually airtight seal. At Full-Stage, we prioritize quality and functionality to offer you the best solution to care for your investments in LED technology.

Can I safely stack multiple cases?

Of course! The design of the Full-Stage Flight Case Plastic ProPack 5 in 1 has been designed to offer maximum stability when stacking several cases. Thanks to its robust construction and smart design, you can stack multiple cases safely and efficiently, thus optimizing storage space and making it easy to transport your LED displays. At Full-Stage, we ensure that our products not only meet quality standards, but also adapt to your logistics needs in a practical way.

Is it possible to customize Flight Cases with my company colors and logo?

Of course! At Full-Stage, we understand the importance of reflecting your company's identity. That's why we offer customization services for the ProPack 5-in-1 Plastic Flight Cases. You can choose the colors that best represent your brand and add your logo to give the cases a personalized touch. Our goal is to provide you with solutions that adapt perfectly to your needs and that, at the same time, allow you to highlight your brand in every detail. Make your Flight Cases a visual extension of your business identity with Full-Stage!

Can I purchase the Full-Stage 5-in-1 Flight Case Plastic ProPack separately?

To guarantee safety and the best experience for our customers, the purchase of the Full-Stage 5-in-1 ProPack Plastic Flight Case is exclusively available together with the purchase of our LED displays. This measure is implemented to ensure that our customers obtain maximum performance and protection for their LED screens, providing them with the quality and safety that characterizes Full-Stage. Trust us to protect and enhance your investments in LED lighting technology!