Flight Case for 7 in 1 Led Screen

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Customized Full-Stage Flight Cases for LED Screens: Secure Protection and Unique Style

Highlight your brand with our high-quality wooden flightcases, designed to provide superior protection for your LED screens. With aluminum inlays at the corners and ends, our flightcases offer exceptional resistance and an impeccable aesthetic finish.

Total customization to highlight your brand

At Full-Stage, we are proud to offer you the possibility of 100% personalization of your flight cases. We add your company logo prominently, ensuring a unique visual presence and reinforcing your brand image at each event. In addition, you can choose aluminum profiles in your company colors, which creates an exclusive appearance consistent with your corporate identity.

Secure protection for your LED Screens

Our flightcases are designed with the protection of your valuable LED displays in mind. High-quality wood and aluminum inlays at the corners and ends provide exceptional resistance against bumps, drops, and other mishaps that may occur during transportation and storage. Keep your LED screens safe and in perfect condition, ready for every event.

Style and durability united in a single product

In addition to offering first-class protection, our flight cases stand out for their style and durability. The aluminum inlays not only provide additional strength but also add an aesthetic touch of elegance. Don't compromise the visual appearance of your equipment, choose our flightcases that combine style and functionality in a single product.

Frequently asked questions about our flight cases for LED screens

1. Are the flightcases customizable only in terms of logo and colors?

Absolutely not. In addition to customizing your company logo and colors, we can also adapt the size and internal features of the flightcases to meet your specific needs.
Contact us and tell us your requirements!

2. What materials are used in the manufacture of flight cases?

Our flightcases are made from high-quality wood and are reinforced with aluminum inlays at the corners and ends. This ensures maximum strength and durability, protecting your LED screens from any damage during transport and storage.

3. What is the delivery time for customized flight cases?

Delivery time may vary depending on the complexity of the customization and the number of flightcases ordered. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will provide you with an accurate delivery time estimate.

4. What type of LED displays are compatible with these flightcases?

Our flightcases are designed to fit a wide range of LED displays. Whether you have indoor or outdoor displays, of different sizes and shapes, we can customize flightcases to meet your specific needs.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity! Purchase your LED screen now and get our exclusive personalized flightcase as a complement. Protect your equipment with style and reinforce your brand at every event. Contact us today and take your event production to the next level!

Important notice for our clients!

We want to remind you that flightcases for LED Screens are only available for purchase when purchased together with an LED screen.
This measure ensures that you can receive the highest level of protection and quality for your equipment. We are committed to offering you comprehensive solutions for your event production needs. Contact us to learn more about our LED displays and the custom flightcases that accompany them!