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What is the Corner Cube F34 (or Corner Cube)?

The F34 Corner Cube is a key component used in Full-Stage's F34 truss system. It is placed in the corners of truss structures to ensure a solid and stable connection between truss sections. This component is essential to maintain the stability and resistance of the structure in corners and angular configurations. Its sturdy, high-quality design ensures quick and safe assembly, allowing you to build a wide variety of truss structures reliably.

How can I use the F34 truss corner cube?

The Full-Stage F34 Truss Corner Cube is a versatile component that allows you to build solid and stable truss structures. Here I show you how you can use it:

1. Configure your truss sections: Begin by assembling the F34 truss sections according to the desired design for your structure. Make sure you have the appropriate lengths and quantity to create the desired shape and size.

2. Place the Corner Cube in the Corners: Once you have assembled the main truss sections, place a Full-Stage Corner Cube in each corner of the structure. Make sure the openings in the corner cube are oriented correctly to allow the sections to connect.

3. Align the truss sections: Make sure the truss sections are correctly aligned with the corner cube openings. Slide the lengths into the cube openings until they fit securely.

4. Secure the truss sections: Use the included pins or safety pins to secure the truss sections in place on the corner cube. Make sure they are tight and secured to prevent unwanted movement or detachment.

5. Repeat the process: Continue placing corner cubes in all the remaining corners of your structure and connecting the truss lengths in a similar manner. Be sure to maintain alignment and stability at each connection.

6. Add other components: Once you have connected the truss sections using the Full-Stage corner cubes, you can add other components, such as diagonals, Bars , Adjustable Hinges , or platforms, to complete your truss structure according to your needs and design .

With the F34 Truss Corner Cube, you can build solid and stable truss structures for your events or productions, providing a secure base for hanging lights, screens or any other necessary equipment.

How many faces of the F34 Truss Hub come equipped with Half Shafts (or half couples)?

Each cube comes equipped with 4 faces that feature Half Shafts, meaning you have 16 half couples at your disposal to connect and secure your truss sections safely and stably. Each half-couple comes with its respective pin. In addition, for greater convenience, we include 16 R-type buckles that allow you to unleash your creativity and take your assemblies to a higher level, guaranteeing a reliable and safe assembly.

Boost your setups with the F34 truss cube from Full-Stage! Discover how this product can elevate your events to a new level of creativity and performance.

Full-Stage Corner Cubes: Certified by TÜV Rheinland for Safe and Sturdy Assembly

Full-Stage Corner Cubes are the essential piece you need to take your truss assembly to the next level. With our TÜV Rheinland certification, you can have the peace of mind of having components of the highest quality and safety in each assembly.

Withstands Extreme Force Pressures, Use the 6 Faces of your F34 Full-Stage Cube without Worries

We know that your events require truss structures capable of resisting high force pressures. Our corner cubes have been tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland to meet these exacting standards. You can rely on them for a solid, stable connection, even in the most challenging conditions.

Additionally, our certification also supports the versatility of our corner cubes. Use all 6 sides at the same time without problems! Make the most of your truss structure and unleash your creativity without compromising safety or strength.

Build with Confidence, Without Compromises

When it comes to your event setup, safety and quality are paramount. TÜV Rheinland certified Full-Stage corner cubes give you the peace of mind you need. These components have been designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards, guaranteeing a safe and resistant assembly at each joint.

Whether you are organizing events for Concerts, Corporate Events, Weddings, Club Events or Nightclubs, you can count on our f34 Full-Stage corner cubes. Even if you need to organize Larger Events such as: Festivals, Conventions, Macro Exhibitions, or sporting events or Theaters and live shows, you can always rely on our Corner Box for Truss F34.

It should be noted that other events where Full-Stage Corner Boxes can be used are:

  • artistic presentations
  • Fairs and markets
  • Promotional events
  • Fashion events
  • Products releases
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Charity and non-profit events
  • Celebrations and private parties
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Amusement parks

any other type of production, our corner cubes will allow you to build reliable and professional truss structures. Don't make compromises when it comes to the safety and success of your events.

Purchase our Full-Stage corner cubes today and experience the difference in your truss structure assembly. We are here to provide you with quality and value products, boosting your creativity and allowing you to reach your maximum potential at every event.

Build with confidence and create unforgettable moments with Full-Stage Corner Cubes!

The purchase of the Corner Cube - Truss F34 includes:

1x Corner Cube - Truss F34 (29*29*29cm)

16x Half Shaft

16x Pins

16x R type buckles

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