Screwable Truss Base F34

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What is the F34 Screwable Truss Base?

Within the world of Truss Structures there is a wide range of accessories and tools that make your life easier when assembling the Modular Truss System. This tool consists of an iron plate measuring 75*75cm, where an F34 Truss structure can be screwed, used mainly as a Base.

Technical characteristics of the F34 Screwable Truss Base:

  • Measurements: 750mm*750mm
  • Plate thickness: 10mm
  • Material: Iron

Uses of the F34 Screwable Truss Base:

The use of this Accessory has several functions, such as:

  • Helps distribute the weight of the structure evenly
  • Take care of the floor surface where the modular Truss system is being installed.

Advantages of the Double Anchor Articulated Arm:

  • Easy assembly :
  • Stable: Provides stability to the Truss structure, because when installed, it significantly increases the width of the truss base, going from only 29*29 cm to 75*75 cm.
  • Economic:

What is the Truss system?

This type of system is a modular system, made up of a series of high-quality, welded aluminum tubes that connect together to form larger, stable structures that are used for multiple purposes. On this occasion Full-Stage brings you structures a double clamp articulated arm.

Features of Full-Stage Truss structures:

  • Resistant: Our truss structures are made with high quality and resistant materials. The main tubes of our Truss have a thickness of 50*3 mm and the sub tubes have a thickness of 25*2 mm. The aluminum tubes used in our structures have the necessary thickness and thickness, which makes our Truss the safest and most reliable on the Venezuelan market.
  • Impeccable Welding: At Full-Stage we care about your safety, and that is why we have focused on taking care of each welding point in detail, this translates into an extremely robust, resistant, safe and reliable structure.
  • Customizable: It is important for us to be able to satisfy our customers, therefore, if you have a specific request where you want to customize any of the products we offer, you can contact us and we will gladly attend to your requirements.
  • Certified: Our Truss structures have TÜV Rheinland certification (same global truss certification) which allows us to provide you with a product with certified quality.

Uses of Full-Stage Truss System:

The Truss system has many uses depending on the focus given to these structures. At Full-Stage we focus on everything that has to do with stages, sets, platforms, concerts, DJs, professional stage lighting, etc. Our Truss structures can be used for stages, they can support lighting, structural ceilings, etc.


We have given ourselves the task of gathering the best materials, at the best prices. As we all know, when products are certified like ours, the price tends to be much higher. In our case, we focus on being able to give the best to our clients, we have certification, and even so our prices remain quite competitive.

The purchase of the F34 Screwable Truss Base includes:

1x Screwable Truss Base F34

4x Half Shaft

4x Pins

4x R type buckles

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