Hanging Bar for Led Screens 0.5m

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Size: 1m


Characteristics of the Hanging Bar for Led Screens 0.5m

The Hanging Bar for Led Screens is a fundamental accessory for mounting LED screens and is constructed of a resistant, high-performance iron alloy with 50 centimeters in length, the precision hooks inside are constructed of aeronautical aluminum providing a robust and firm appearance.

Advantages of using the 0.5m Hanging Bar for Led Screens

  • Distributes the weight of the screen evenly;
  • Helps keep the panels level with each other;
  • It is the safest and most economical way to hang an LED screen without causing damage in the short, medium or long term;
  • The use of this accessory increases the life time of your screen;
  • Provides a more professional appearance to your performance.